Best Books On Minimalism And Simple Living

I have finally reached a point where I no longer keep books on minimalism, simple living and decluttering, but there are the ones I love best.

I’ve read each one at some point on my journey – often more than once. They are great books and well worth reading.

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Best Books on Minimalism


The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, by Marie Kondo

This book has been in the press so much, but it deserves the attention. The thing I loved about it, which I hadn’t seen elsewhere, and which was something I’d been doing for a long time, was to learn to keep like-with-like. If you are decluttering with any seriousness, this rule alone will help you so much to understand exactly what you own.

The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own, by Joshua Becker

Joshua Becker is a truly authentic, kind and wonderful voice in the simple living/minimalism space. I have followed him online for many years. He has been a constant source of inspiration for what can be achieved when you focus on what is important to you and to the wellbeing of others. Any of his books are worth reading, but I recommend this one as a great place to start.

Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life, by Leo Babauta

The first book I ever bought on minimalism. I love Leo’s clear and simple way of writing. There is never any excess in his words and he has made some incredible life changes through adopting the principle of focusing on one goal at a time.

It’s all Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life With Less Stuff, by Peter Walsh

Peter Walsh is an Australian decluttering expert. His books are more refreshing that the run-of-the-mill decluttering books out there that are ten to the dozen. He doesn’t sugar coat your hoarding problems and he talks a lot about the emotions behind the clutter, rather than methods of decluttering (that I find useless), like four boxes, or if-you-haven’t-used-it-for-a-year. Definitely worth a read – I loved this book.

Best Books on Simple Living


The Complete Buddhism for Mothers, by Sarah Napthali

Such a wonderful, gentle and thought-provoking book. I am quite into Buddhist thought and I absolutely love this (in fact, I still own it!). It’s three books in one, so quite a hefty volume, but Sarah’s wonderful way of writing make it such a joy to read. It is actually soothing to just dip into a chapter and take away a message, even if you don’t read it from cover to cover. Love it, and I’d recommend this to every mother.

Best books on minimalism

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