Why Is It So Hard To Get Healthy?

Why is it so hard to get healthy?

I ended up totally exhausted from all the exercise last week, so over the last seven days I’ve had two rest days, which I really needed. I have arthritis in my toes and they were really playing up, and after bouldering again on Monday my hands were even more sore than last time. In fact four days on they are still tender around the base of my fingers.

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Year In Review and Plans for 2019

Year in review, plans for 2019

I’m writing this blog on a Sunday, which is unusual for me because Sunday is normally all about me and the children. However, this Sunday things are a little different. Firstly, it’s my birthday! Hurrah! And secondly, I am attending a remembrance service later this afternoon for my Mum (organised by the funeral director), so the kids are at their Dads. For the first time in a week I have the house to myself. No children, no workmen banging in the kitchen, just the sound of the tumble dryer and the occasional clicking of the warm radiators.

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Simple Living Blog, Shared

Simple living shared: a new blog

In 2003, I started a journey of simple living, although I didn’t realise that was what it was at the time. Fifteen years on (and it’s been a bumpy ride!) I finally got my blogging act together. After several neglected attempts I’ve created this simple living blog so I can share my journey and connect with others doing the same.

Going back to 2003, my Dad had discovered a website called eBay. He’d been selling some things out of his home and garage. I signed up too. Then, my brother and I started looking for things to sell.

That was the beginning of discovering the joy in un-peeling the layers of stuff we accumulate in our lives. In removing all the physical badges of who we are and finding ourselves naked and vulnerable – and neglected – underneath it all.

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