Overwhelmed By Clutter? Here’s Where To Start

Overwhelmed by clutter? Here's where to start.

When you’re feeling completely overwhelmed by clutter (and all the other stuff that also needs doing in life, like parenting, cooking, finances, shopping and cleaning), it can paralyse you into doing absolutely nothing. Have you ever had plans to sort something out the minute the kids are in bed… only to put the telly on and pour yourself a glass of wine instead?

(Surely not just me?)

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How Clutter Affects Your Health

How clutter affects your health

I can think of many good reasons to declutter your home. A calmer environment, easier cleaning, and less feelings of overwhelm are all benefits of living with less. But did you know there’s another, more pressing reason for clearing your space? I’m going to talk today about how clutter affects your health. You might think that clutter is something that you can block out with some TV and a glass of wine (I did that for years!), but the fact is, it affects you more than you realise.

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