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Minimalism And The Real You

Minimalism and the real you

Are you comfortable with who you are? Are you happy in your self-identity and with your values and beliefs about life? Do you like who you are and what you have done with your life? Or do you wonder who the real you really is?

It’s Not You That Is the Problem

If you are feeling out of touch with yourself, lost, and unsure what you really want out of life, then perhaps it isn’t you that’s the problem.

Maybe it’s your stuff.

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If You Could Wipe The Slate Clean – What Would You Do?

If you could wipe the slate clean

Many years ago, I avidly followed Dusti Arab’s minimalist writings. Although she doesn’t talk so much about minimalism today, she still has two ebooks available on Amazon (The Minimalist Mom* being the one I would recommend of the two). I love her no-crap approach to paring down. If you really want to wipe the slate clean, you could do worse than to follow her advice. She is on the extreme end of minimalism, and you can see that in her writing. She suggests (with few exceptions) that anything you haven’t used in 30 days needs to go.

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Minimalism and Finding Yourself

Minimalism and finding yourself

I began decluttering purely because I felt overwhelmed by the physical clutter in my home. When I first started clearing my space, I felt an incredible sense of lightness. When I got more serious about minimalism, and was further along in my journey, I hit a bump in the road. Something I hadn’t anticipated is that finding yourself is a side effect of minimalism. And this made me feel very uncomfortable at first.

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Minimalist Home Tour – Real Life Minimalism With Kids

Minimalist home tour - real life minimalism with kids

A couple of caveats before I get started on my minimalist home tour.

Firstly, I am a normal mum with three normal kids. I did put away the toys that were on the floor before I took photos – my house isn’t permanently immaculate! But these photos aren’t staged. This is pretty much how it looks every time I put the toys away.

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Why Minimalism Matters (It’s Life and Death)

Why minimalism matters - it's life and death

Ever wondered why minimalism matters? Over the last seven years, I’ve been unlucky enough to lose four member of my immediate family: my last two remaining grandparents, my uncle and most recently, my mother.

It has not been an easy time, and each death has affected me quite profoundly. I was lucky as a child – my brother and I grew up in a family where death remained at a distance. We didn’t know what it was like to lose someone until our grandfather died, by which time I had left home and gone to university and my brother was in his teens. Then, we had another long period of time where death seemed to be something that only happened to other people.

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