Declutter: For Good

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Course Content

Course Introduction

  1. Getting started? Start here!
    (There’s no finish line)

MODULE 1: Why Declutter?

  1. Have a goal
  2. What is minimalism?
  3. Change your mind
  4. What’s wrong with clutter?
  5. The science of clutter
  6. Clutter and the planet
  7. Guiding principles

MODULE 2: Preparation

  1. Disposal
  2. Easy wins
  3. Borrowed items
  4. Get things fixed
  5. Keeping like with like

MODULE 3: The Decluttering Process

  1. Start small
  2. How to declutter
  3. Decluttering when you have no time
  4. Working in rounds
  5. Decluttering pitfalls
  6. Dealing with indecision 
  7. Consistency is key

MODULE 4: The Emotions Of Living With Less

  1. The void
  2. Uncluttering yourself
  3. Self acceptance is key
  4. New choices to fill the emptiness
  5. Tidiness v clutter 

MODULE 5: Decluttering Your Time

  1. How many hobbies do you have?
  2. How many commitments do you have?
  3. The importance of self care
  4. Reducing your schedule

MODULE 6: Simple Goals

  1. Why NYR don’t work 
  2. The power of habit and consistency
  3. Simple goals
  4. Don’t confuse habits with goals
  5. Plan regularly, in a way that works for you
  6. Final Words

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