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Minimalist Home Tour – Real Life Minimalism With Kids

A couple of caveats before I get started on my minimalist home tour.

Firstly, I am a normal mum with three normal kids. I did put away the toys that were on the floor before I took photos – my house isn’t permanently immaculate! But these photos aren’t staged. This is pretty much how it looks every time I put the toys away.

Secondly, I live in a normal house. I have a dodgy yellow kitchen, biro scribbled on the walls and sofas, and lot of mismatched furniture. If you’re looking for stunning lines and show home decor, you might want to try somewhere else 😉

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at our 840sq/ft home.

Minimalist Home Tour – Downstairs

We have three rooms downstairs: a kitchen, a small conservatory and a lounge diner.

There are no hallways and the front door comes straight in where the photo below is taken from. This is where we spend most of our time in the house:

Minimalist home tour - living room

Here’s how it looks from the other side of this room.

Minimalist home tour living room 2

The chest next to the piano belonged to my mother, who passed away recently. It has some of her things still inside, but I will sell this when I have emptied it as it takes up more room than we have and there is nowhere else in the house it can really go.

Next we have our conservatory, which is really tiny. It’s about 2m x 3m, so I had to take two photos to show you the whole room.

Minimalist home tour - conservatory 2

Minimalist home tour - conservatory

It gets very cold out here in the winter, hence the oil radiator that has just come out of the garage. The pumpkins we recently picked from a local farm, ready for carving.

Finally we have the kitchen.

This is the only room in the house that I haven’t done anything with yet. The kitchen has been completely refitted! I will update pics soon.

I have painted every other room plain white over the years, but the kitchen requires a whole lot of other work.

Both the fridge and freezer are on the counter top, which I don’t like, and the bins are in the way of the back door, which I don’t use (we go through the conservatory to get into our tiny garden).

I would like to completely renovate this room, but it’s a big job and costly too. It’s something I am thinking of doing, but I haven’t quite committed to it yet as I’d have to do a fair bit of it myself. Watch this space though.

Minimalist home tour - minimalist kitchen

Minimalist Home Tour – Upstairs

I love my bedroom!

It only has wardrobes and a chest of drawers in it and nothing else. I used to have a bedside cabinet, but I put that inside one of the wardrobes when I had my daughter’s cot next to the bed. When she (finally) moved into her own room, I had gotten used to not having it, so I never put it back.

I love how clean and empty it feels. It’s easy to unwind and relax and there are no distractions. When I go to bed, I might read for a while, but I generally go straight to sleep.

Minimalist home tour - minimalist bedroom 2

Minimalist home tour - minimalist bedroom

The kids rooms are fairly typical. My children have posters on the wall, and a fairly good selection of toys. I talk about the importance of people over things to them, and how stuff doesn’t necessarily bring happiness, but at the end of the day, minimalism is my thing, not theirs.

They will grow up and make their own choices. I hope that I can instil the value of a life with less stuff in them by being a good role model.

Here’s the room my two youngest share:

Minimalist kids bedroom 1

They both love stickers. I told them they were allowed to put them on their own furniture, which stops them from sticking them all over the rest of the house 😉

Minimalist kids bedroom 2

Next is my eldest son’s bedroom. The pictures of WW2 planes on the walls came from my Mum’s flat after she died. My son knows almost everything there is to know about WW2 and he was desperate to keep them, so I hung them on the wall for him.

There is also a wardrobe off to the right of the first picture that you can’t see:

Minimalist home tour - kids bedroom 3 Minimalist home tour - kids bedroom 4

That just leaves the hallway upstairs (all the books belong to the children), and the bathroom:

Minimalist home tour - hallway Minimalist home tour - bathroom

And that’s pretty much it.

Thanks for coming along with me on a quick minimalist home tour of my house. Was it what you were expecting? Did you think I would have less, or more?

Have you seen the photos of how our house used to be?

Let me know what you think!

Minimalist home tour

27 thoughts on “Minimalist Home Tour – Real Life Minimalism With Kids”

  1. So grateful for your reality. I love it. I was glad to see details/choices like family photos being present and meaningful and not after thoughts. Very clarifying and refreshing to look at and helps me move more toward similar. Thank you.

    • I’m so glad you commented. When I collected all the photos together I looked at them and thought maybe people would think I wasn’t particularly minimalist because of all the photos I have on display. I love photography and I love pictures of my family, so for me it makes me feel happy, but I know it’s not strictly minimalistic! I do think minimalism is in the choosing of what we value above all the noise and clutter, and there is no “right” way to go about it. Thank you 🙂

  2. You’re most welcome. I agree that we deserve to have things around us that contribute to our well being and some family photos do that for me too. I’ve seen pics of some Japanese Uber minimalism where it’s just a room and a toothbrush on the windowsill. That’s too extreme for me! I like to be able to put things away but still have a cozy warm feeling. Your house also has a nice almost Scandinavian feel to it maybe because of the light wood and neutral colors. Still love it!

  3. I loved the photos of your home. I am an average, middle class mom of 1 and whenever I search for minimalism inspiration I end up finding what can only be staged photos of an impossible reality for me. This – your house – this is real minimalism. Congratulations!

    • Thank you so much 😊. It is much easier for young singles to showcase minimalism and own nothing than for families with a fixed home. But we can still do SO much to clear our space and give ourselves back some time and energy.

  4. This is awesome, thank you. We have 3 kids under 4, and are living on a small budget so find that most of the examples we see are completely unrealistic. I love simplicity, but also love colour, so I would do everything exactly the same as you except I would paint the walls bright colours! I particularly like the bookshelves either side of the door to the conservatory. I think there is something hugely satisfying about furniture that fits perfectly in the space you want it to. Our kitchen is much worse than yours, but we have no time or money to sort it out – currently the cabinets, worktops, floor, walls and blind are all different colours, and don’t co-ordinate…but one day I will fix it!

    • Thank you! Yes, a lot of examples online are SO far away from normal family life. And there is nothing to say you can’t have photos, bright colours or anything that you love. The principle is about living with less and focusing on life, not stuff. So glad you enjoyed it and thank you for stopping by 🙂

  5. Just read your article on decluttering & loved it! It makes sooo much sense! My home looks like yours did. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I am looking forward to beginning the declutter process. I have been overwhelmed due to my health and the volume of clutter. Thank you! Thank you!💕💕💕

  6. It looks so good! This is just what I needed to see! I wanted to see minimalism with a family (I have 3 children, also) that WASN’T STAGED. Your home is beautiful! Your children’s rooms are perfect. And, I thought your kitchen was lovely.

  7. Hey Faye,
    Your house a cute little cozy place to enjoy a quality life. Just one thing to add about your mother’s chest. I hope you have not gotten rid of it. Maybe you can use it as a center table and give away your table in living room. Just a suggestion 😉

    • It’s gone 🙂 Mum bought it recently, so it wasn’t a family heirloom. And it was far too big for our house too. It will make someone else’s home how they want it to be 🙂

  8. I’m so glad that I came across your post/website through Pinterest. I absolutely love what you have done with the space.
    It’s refreshing and so bright
    Best part being it’s clutter free
    I totally understand your perspective on minimalism. And do agree with it.
    For Me (since I’m just starting) it’s more a mindset slowly working it’s way to my life style and day to day things.
    Learning a lot from you.

  9. This was inspiring! We are just moving home after smoke damage from a melted Keruig wrecked our house. We did a Reno to our house to open up the main floor and my goal is to keep it Minimal. This is hard because a large amount of our old things did come back, and my step children are super amazing but are used to stuff. It’s a work in progress and everyone tells me I’m crazy because I live in Canada and I’m about to have four children in a 1200 square foot duplex. But it’s going to give us money to do things like go on a vacation. So I’m determined!

  10. Finally a real minimalist home! I’m mom of 1, and my husband and I are trying to declutter a lot of furniture that come from our grandmas and studio.
    Also we have 6 cats indoors.
    When I search for “minimalism” on YouTube or Pinterest, it’s
    always one single person living in a very Scandinavian designed house, which is faaaar far away from our life style.
    Thank you for sharing your house! Besides the stickers and posters, I think your children are very minimalist! 🙂
    (Sorry if I wrote something confused, English is not my language! I’m from Brazil)

    • Thank you for stopping by! Yes, we’re real life minimalists here. No glossy apartments or solo-20-something travellers. Just an ordinary, messy life that’s made a little bit easier by owning a lot less 🙂

  11. Its so nice to see real life minimalism and that its possible with the kids! I was looking for some inspiration and your blog is so refreshing, exactly what I needed.
    I have noticed you don’t have anything on the table/countertop, how do you manage to keep them clean without odd tissue box/book/receipt appearing and making a pile 😬😄

  12. Your house looks lovely and very relaxed. My house looked similar when my children were small 30 years ago but it was because we couldn’t afford things. However, every weekend if the weather was decent, (I live in Scotland!), we’d go for a run in the car and take my mum and dad too, we’d take a flask and sandwiches and just enjoyed each other’s company. My husband worked full time and I worked 30 hours a week. Things have changed and ‘things’ are now important. To give you an idea my kids only got a video at Xmas and it was a joint present.

  13. Wonderful, very airy but cosy! Keep up the good work! I wish my house was so well decluttered.

    Quick pro tip: hang paintings and photos little lower! Now they are hovering, and people have to look up to see them. Hanging them lower also gives the illusion of high cealing.


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