Module 1: Why Declutter?

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Lesson 2 – Have a Goal (1:34)

Assignment 2

Please journal or share in the Facebook Group what your big goal or dream is.

What would you like to do in an ideal world?

What could decluttering and minimalism bring you closer to achieving?

Lesson 3 – What Is Minimalism? (2:33)

Lesson 4 – Change Your Mind (1:48)

Assignment 3

Share in the Facebook group what clutter STOPS you from doing. What things does clutter get in the way of on a regular basis?

Assignment 4

Watch the video “The Story of Stuff” found in the Resources section. How do you feel about this video? Post your comments in the Facebook Group.

Lesson 5 – What’s Wrong With Clutter (3:03)

Lesson 6 – The Science Of Clutter (2:01)

Lesson 7 – Clutter And The Planet (2:11)

Lesson 8 – Guiding Principles (2:09)

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