Module 2: Preparation

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Lesson 9 – Disposal (1:45)

Lesson 10 – Easy Wins (2:02)

Assignment 5

Collect up your easy wins and dispose of them as responsibly as you can. Share what you did in the Facebook Group!

Lesson 11 – Borrowed Items (0:58)

Assignment 6

Collect up any borrowed items and ask yourself if you are realistically going to use them (or whether you should have returned them already!). Give them back to their rightful owners.

Lesson 12 – Get Things Fixed (1:45)

Assignment 7

Get the thing that needs fixing, fixed!

If nothing needs attention, well done and onto the next lesson 🙂

Lesson 13 – Keeping Like With Like (2:47)

Assignment 8

Decide on one thing that you are going to keep together from now on. Choose a home for it, and then collect up every item from around the house/loft/cellar/garage that fits that category. Share a photo in the Facebook group!

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