Module 3: The Decluttering Process

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Lesson 14: Start Small (1:47)

Assignment 9

Pick a single small area that you are going to declutter. Then head to the next lesson!

Lesson 15: How To Declutter (2:54)

Assignment 10

You should have chosen your small space in the previous assignment. Now it’s time to sort through it! Make sure you decided what lives there, and find a home for everything that doesn’t. If you want to take a before and after photo, that would be great and you can share it in the group.

Good luck!

Lesson 16: Decluttering When You Have No Time (2:34)

Lesson 17: Working in Rounds (1:35)

Lesson 18: Decluttering Pitfalls (2:12)

Lesson 19: Dealing With Indecision (8:26)

Lesson 20: Consistency Is Key (1:33)

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