Module 5: Decluttering Your Time

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Lesson 26: How Many Hobbies Do You Have? (3:25)

Assignment 14

Make a list of all the hobbies you have collected. From watching TV and reading, to fishing and crossfit. EVERYTHING you do outside of work, in your free time, should go on this list.

Not just all the things you currently do, but anything that you still have the equipment for at home.

How long is your list? Is is possible to enjoy this many hobbies every week, or even every month?

Share your thoughts in the group.

Lesson 27: How Many Commitments Do You Have? (2:48)

Assignment 15

What are you current commitments? From work and second jobs, to caring for others and volunteer roles, what are you committed to on a regular basis?

Are any of these done out of duty? What do you procrastinate over? Are there any items in this list that do not fit with your beliefs and the lifestyle that you want to live?

Share your findings in the group.

Lesson 28: The Importance Of Self Care (2:11)

Lesson 29: Reducing Your Schedule (2:58)

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