Decluttering Unwanted Gifts

Decluttering unwanted gifts

Decluttering unwanted gifts is SO difficult.

They sit there for years and years, neither used nor given away, just gathering more and more dust.

I am pretty good at decluttering, but for while I was really stuck with a handful of items that psychologically I just didn’t seem to be able to part with. Even though I had barely, or never, used those items since I had received them.

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10 Reasons Why We Can’t Declutter (And What To Do About Them)

10 reasons why we can't declutter

Decluttering should be a simple exercise. You look at a bunch of items, decide what you want to get rid of and keep the rest. However, if it was this easy, there wouldn’t be so many of us living in overly cluttered homes that we don’t seem to be able to manage. So what exactly is the reason that we can’t declutter?

Here are ten reasons why we just can’t get rid of our stuff – and what to do about them.

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Why Is It So Hard To Get Healthy?

Why is it so hard to get healthy?

I ended up totally exhausted from all the exercise last week, so over the last seven days I’ve had two rest days, which I really needed. I have arthritis in my toes and they were really playing up, and after bouldering again on Monday my hands were even more sore than last time. In fact four days on they are still tender around the base of my fingers.

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