How To Get To Inbox Zero

Getting to inbox zero doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Anyone can do it! Knowing how to manage your inbox can improve your focus and productivity. Email is a wonderful thing – it’s a quick, easy and convenient method of communication. But because of that, it has also increased in volume to the point where it can be impossible to deal with. The amount of information that is sent to our inboxes (and into our lives), is staggering.

What makes it even harder is that email is a mix of frivolous messages, important personal and business communication and a place for every company that you deal with to get in touch with you.

There is no set thing that you need to do each time an email comes in. It can be as diverse as writing a long message back to a distant friend, or spending an hour checking out car insurance because your renewal is due.

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20 Weeks of Simple Living Challenges

20 weeks of simple living challenges

Starting July 16th 2018 I’ll be hosting 20 simple living challenges, one per week, in my private Facebook group, Simple Living Mums.

I’d love for you to join us and share how you get on. I will be doing each challenge along with the group, and you can jump in at any time. The challenges will finish just before Christmas this year.

We’ll be looking at decluttering specific areas of the home, like the kitchen and bathroom. We’ll also be looking at parenting, meditation, self care and how much time we spend in front of the TV.

There’s nothing like a bit of group motivation and community to help you on your way, so come on over!

Here’s a preview of what’s to come each week:

simple living challenge 1

simple living challenge 2

simple living challenge 3

simple living challenge 4

simple living challenge 5

simple living challenge 6

simple living challenge 7

simple living challenge 8

simple living challenge 9

simple living challenge 10

simple living challenge 11

simple living challenge 12

simple living challenge 13

simple living challenge 14

simple living challenge 15

simple living challenge 16

simple living challenge 17

simple living challenge 18

simple living challenge 19

simple living challenge 20

The Fear of Minimalism

The fear of minimalism

Some of us want to live with less, but we carry a fear of minimalism that prevents us from making the changes we want to make.

I went to the post office the other day to post six items I’d sold on eBay. The items in question used to belong to my Mum. She died earlier this year, very suddenly, at the age of 68. It was exactly 1 month before her birthday. My mum lived a life that was complicated and she kept a lot of things. Minimalism wasn’t something that Mum would have wanted to do. And of course that is not a problem – we all walk our own paths.

Her flat was rented and I had four weeks to clear out her possessions, most of which I took home because I couldn’t deal with sorting through them one by one in the weeks following her death.

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Simple Living Blog, Shared

Simple living shared: a new blog

In 2003, I started a journey of simple living, although I didn’t realise that was what it was at the time. Fifteen years on (and it’s been a bumpy ride!) I finally got my blogging act together. After several neglected attempts I’ve created this simple living blog so I can share my journey and connect with others doing the same.

Going back to 2003, my Dad had discovered a website called eBay. He’d been selling some things out of his home and garage. I signed up too. Then, my brother and I started looking for things to sell.

That was the beginning of discovering the joy in un-peeling the layers of stuff we accumulate in our lives. In removing all the physical badges of who we are and finding ourselves naked and vulnerable – and neglected – underneath it all.

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