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Best books on minimalism and simple living

Modern Minimalism Course

If you would like some structured help and support, I run a course twice a year to help you get control of your surroundings and your schedule. You can find out more here.


10 Step Rescue Plan
Email course: Decide to stop the clutter


The best of minimalism and simple living blogs.

I really don’t like advertisements appearing in the middle of what you’re trying to read (plus I think it goes against the whole vibe of simple living and minimalism), so these sites are completely third-party ad-free 🙂

Becoming Minimalist
I have followed Joshua Becker for years and his was the first dedicated minimalist blog I found. I have been a huge fan since around 2012 and he has never wavered in his authenticity or commitment.

Be More With Less
Courtney Carver – founder of Project 333. Another blog I have followed for absolutely years. Again, she is still 100% authentic and loves living a life with less.

Zen Habits
I bought Leo’s book (see Recommended Reads) in a shop Exeter before my first child was born, 9 years ago. Brilliant, useful and no frills writing.

The Minimalists
They have such an important message, but I will admit I found their writing a little dry (serious?) to begin with. It changed for me when I finally watched their documentary and I really got to see their personalities come through. Lots of great articles, well worth reading.

Useful organisations

Sometimes you need a little extra help, or someone else to guide you. Asking for help helps you move forward. When you have a serious problem, counselling or a professional declutterer can give you a much-needed objective view and get you back on the right track.

Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Need More Help?

Declutter for good with the Simple Days decluttering course: Declutter - For Good