Simple Living Weekend #2: Coffee And TV – And A Workout!

It rained!

In the UK rain and wind is usually the norm. Instead we’ve had weeks and weeks of beautiful hot sun. It’s unlike anything seen for forty years (according to the weather man that is, as I am obviously nowhere near old enough to remember, haha). It was a novelty to see some grey skies over the weekend.

We’ve been outside so much in the last couple of months that we took the opportunity to have some quiet time.

I used to panic about my children having too much screen time. As the years have passed I find I am less worried about it if I know that on balance we’re away from it more than in front of it. I still fantasise about chucking the telly away, but for the moment it stays 🙂

We don’t have iPads at home or a games console, so we’re not exposed to screens at every turn. My boys love Horrible Histories on the TV (and so do I), so we watched quite a few episodes while the rain poured down. There is something pretty cosy about all of us being sprawled on the sofas together while it rains outside. Even my daughter enjoyed it… Although I have to admit that she does love a bit of Peppa Pig.


I took all three kids out for lunch on Sunday, which they love. It’s also nice for me to have someone bring me food once in a while. I love to indulge in a hot drink with oodles of whipped cream. It’s a habit I have tried hard to break over the last few years as I’m pretty sure it contributes to my larger than ideal waist size.

Treats aside, we also went to the supermarket for essentials. I haven’t been organised enough to do an online shop recently, so I had to take all three children to Sainsburys. It’s not an activity I enjoy to be honest. It exposes them to endless choice and treats and cartoon packaged food (pet hate), but sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

simple living treats simple living shopping essentials

Turns out that this time they were more interested in clambering all over Sainsburys. I escaped without anyone getting upset about me not buying Peppa Pig yoghurts.

(I never buy Peppa Pig yoghurts.)

A Workout

Since my whipped-cream-hot-drink habit is pretty long-standing, I have been thinking that I really need to try to burn a few more calories.

I downloaded the Nike Training Club app, which is free. I filled in a few questions about my current fitness levels (er, none), and it set me up with a five week workout schedule. The first one was a fitness test (my time: 8:59; average for women my age: 7:13), with lots of lunges, squats, press ups and jumping jacks. I ached for days afterwards (from 8 minutes!), but I’m ready to face workout #2, so wish me luck, eh?

What are your favourite things to do when it rains endlessly?

Does anyone out there love to brave it and get outside regardless?

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