What Is Minimalism?

Minimalism is becoming more mainstream than ever before. Here’s a quick introduction to what minimalism actually is, and what it means to me.

Believe it or not, minimalism is less about what you own and more about the way that you think.

It’s an approach to all of life that can help even the busiest, craziest, messiest, most overworked of us find clarity and purpose in what we do.

Do you need to get rid of your car?

Not if you don’t want to.

Do you have to chuck out your collection of china rabbits?

Not necessarily. If you absolutely love them, then don’t feel you have to get rid of them. It is okay to keep ornaments and sentimental items – as long as we aren’t drowning in a museum dedicated to our own lives.

Do you have to believe in God, Buddha or Some Other Divine Spirit?


Do you have to start sewing/growing your own veg/making your own chicken stock?

No, no, and no.

You see, this is the problem.

Minimalism is perceived as being so many things that, quite simply, it really isn’t.

What the hell is it then?

Minimalism is:

Letting go of the things in your life that hinder you.

Recognising what you do not need.

Having the clarity of mind to pursue the things that will make the most difference to you, and your loved ones, and maybe even the planet.

Finding yourself, understanding yourself and accepting yourself, wherever you come from, and however you got to where you are now.

Why bother?

By focusing on the essential (and that list will be different for each of us), minimalism can clear a path to a happier, more organised, and more rewarding way of living.

Imagine being able to:

Focus on your work without distraction.

Plan dream goals, and then take the steps necessary to achieve them.

Live in an environment that makes you feel calm and at peace.

Have the time to think things through, and to get through your day without panic or hurry.

Know yourself and like yourself.

Go to sleep each night wrapped in the peace of a day lived, not a day wasted.

Minimalism can take you from overwhelmed and overworked to a place of joy.

Use minimalism as a tool to help you find your way out of chaos.

Take it step by step and go at your own speed.

And enjoy the journey.

What is minimalism?

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