Why Is It So Hard To Get Healthy?

I ended up totally exhausted from all the exercise last week, so over the last seven days I’ve had two rest days, which I really needed. I have arthritis in my toes and they were really playing up, and after bouldering again on Monday my hands were even more sore than last time. In fact four days on they are still tender around the base of my fingers.

So, exercise diary for the last seven days was more moderate:

Friday: 5km off-road run with mums from school (so, so hard!!)
Saturday: 30 minutes Cize
Sunday: long and hilly forest walk with the kids on their bikes and my three year old in the buggy
Monday: 45 minutes bouldering
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 30 minutes Cize

I’ve been eating pretty well since the start of the new year, plus all this exercise, but you know what? I have seen basically zero change in my weight. I haven’t been very scientific about it because I only weighed myself randomly this week for the first time since before Christmas, but I was actually heavier than I was in December.

The Stress Of Daily Life

My daughter has been going to sleep after 9pm every night this last week, which has meant I’ve stayed up later and been more tired as a result. Tiredness makes parenting harder, so to “counter” that, I’ve eaten crap for the last few days. Actually, that’s an exaggeration – not so much crap, but I’ve started snacking on sugary stuff again. Which of course has derailed my motivation even further.

So I’m feeling a bit fed up really. I am heavier than I’ve ever been and don’t seem to be able to do anything about it. I find general life stress tends to drive me to sugar. I have tried everything to crack this, but I think what I actually need is a less stressful life. Or to deal with the stress better.

Something I find difficult at home (and I have always struggled with this), is sudden loud noise. I hated it as a child, and I still do as an adult.

But, I have three children who will be playing nicely one second and then literally screaming the house down the next. Of course, it’s all over a few minutes later, but my stress levels are elevated every time it happens (I can actually feel my heart-rate increase when one of them starts howling). How I can change this situation I don’t know. I tried an anti-screaming chart, but I gave up after 4 days because they had screamed a total of 31 times and I was done with the additional screaming from me adding each violation to the screaming chart (which I didn’t even record, so it was probably more like 62 times in 4 days).

I’m sure it’s probably inhumane to subject a person to random and unexpected loud noise on a regular basis. But along with extreme sleep deprivation and bleeding nipples it’s just something that us mothers seem to have to put up with.

Anyway – I’m kind of ranting a bit here, so I’ll move on.


I talked about evening routines a couple of weeks back, but it turns out that it is totally impossible to create a successful evening routine if you do not have a morning routine. Why? Because my kids, if they are not woken by 7am at the latest, will be up until at least 9pm no matter what I do at bedtime. I finally worked this out and realised that I have to start implementing a routine at the beginning of the day.

What we have been doing is laying in bed after the alarm goes off and then rushing around like mad to get out of the door for school and nursery. That makes for a stressful start to the day, and of course it means the kids all get an extra 30 minutes sleep which seems to translate to them staying up an hour later at bedtime.

For the last 3 mornings I have gotten up at 7am and woken everyone. It has made for easier bedtimes (mostly) and easier mornings too. It’s so dark here in the morning that it is very hard to get out of bed when the alarm goes off (and I seem to be perpetually tired too, which obviously I could fix if I could just get the hang of the whole health and fitness thing). But those bad habits are impacting the whole of my day.

So, going forward I’ll be trying to wake up as early as possible so that we at least start the day right, and end the day with kids that are tired at the appropriate time. I have never been the best at self-regulation so it’s very hard for me to stick to a set schedule. However, the older I get, the more I see that a set schedule, a routine, a plan, is the absolute non-negotiable key for a successful life.

One More Tiny Thing

I started a new blog.


It’s ANOTHER PROJECT but please hear me out 😉 When I started this blog last July, part of my plan was to complete the book on minimalism that I started writing in 2014 (life totally derailed that plan at the time).

Writing is a passion of mine, and I’ve had some fiction published before, so being more open and visible about my writing is something I’ve been trying to bring myself to do for a long while.

My new blog has literally nothing on it at the moment (you can see it at The Writer And The Rose), but rather than blog about writing here, which is my decluttering/simple living/minimalism devoted space, I’m going to go really in-depth about writing on my new writing blog. I have short stories and half finished novels to polish and I’ll be talking about how I write and sharing my fiction over there. All in good time, of course! And I’ll still be here twice a week, as usual 🙂

Decluttering and minimalism has basically made the time for writing possible, and I am so grateful that I have been able to make space in my life for that. And that really is it for this week!

Until next time x

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  1. Your blog is so lovely! And I’m sorry you’re struggling with losing weight- how frustrating. I just wanted to share one thought with you- do you know if you are a highly sensitive person? I came across the term a couple of years ago, took the quiz at hsperson.com, and it has been life changing for me. Highly sensitive people (20% of the population) have more sensitive nervous systems, and loud noises are particularly difficult to handle (I totally understand that!). Learning to work with my sensitivities, and make more of my strengths, has been so good for my mental health and my life, and recognizing that I’m parenting two highly sensitive children has been good for my mothering heart, and good for our day to day life as we arrange things to minimize things that set off melt downs for my kids and make the most of their sensitive strengths too. Anyway, learning about the topic and about myself has been so helpful for me, and maybe could be for you too. Hoping your exercise and efforts at being healthier get easier soon.

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