Your House Is Not Too Small

Do you ever find yourself muttering under your breath that this house is just too small, when faced with yet another pile of things that you can’t find a proper home for?

As Peter Walsh, the Australian anti-clutter man says:

You only have the space you have.

I have read two of his books and they are very good (see my recommended reads page for all my favourite books). The quote above has stayed with me because it is so simple, yet so fundamentally true.

In the past, I was guilty of keeping things that were earmarked for the vague and far off day when we would live in a bigger house. How crazy is that? First of all, I didn’t have any intention of moving in the near future. And secondly, if the day did come when I could suddenly buy a bigger house, presumably I would also be able to stretch to buying whatever it is was that was being stored, right?

You may say that it doesn’t make economic sense to get rid of something you might have to re-buy, but for most things this is just the I might need it someday excuse in disguise.

The cost in terms of energy, money, space and time, to store things “just in case” is really not worth it.

Live In The Now

If you keep something because you might need it in your bigger house (the bigger house you aren’t looking for and you can’t currently afford), and then you never actually get around to moving into that bigger house, what have you done? You have taken up space in your existing house that you could have used for something else (or nothing!) all the time you were living there.

Also, how many of us are guilty of procrastinating about doing or not doing something “until we move to a bigger house”. I sometimes find myself thinking this way about our garden because it’s tiny.

Really tiny.

I catch myself thinking,

Oh well there’s no point investing energy in the garden, because one day we’ll have a bigger garden and I should save it for then.

Which is kind of stupid – again as I have no plans to move in the immediate future. But also because by doing this I am not accepting my own living situation for what it is. I am not embracing my current reality.

Really Small Houses

If you want to put the size of your house in perspective, take a look at some tiny houses. Tiny House Talk is the place to go for lots more information. There isn’t an equivalent for the UK, but we do have some companies that are now supplying tiny houses, such as this one.

Now you’ve had a look around a tiny house, go back to your house and see it with fresh eyes. TONS of space, right?

So why does it feel like there isn’t?


Could it be all the stuff you’ve packed into it?

There is an easy, free and accessible way that you can make your house feel more spacious:

Live with less.

Maybe you find parting with things difficult, or your clutter is really stopping you from doing anything. It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, you can begin to make space in your life and your house. No matter how tiny it is! As you declutter, you’ll notice how things change. Get used to, and really enjoy the feeling of living with more space and less things.

Your house is not too small

Because, just maybe, your collection of stuff is too big.

Action points

  • Do you know the actual square footage of where you live? Work it out and see how it compares to tiny house living.
  • Do you remember how big your house or flat felt when it was empty, on the day you moved in?
  • Try changing your perspective and being grateful for the size of the house/flat you have.
  • Imagine you are going to downsize to a smaller place. What would you prioritise? What would have to go? Are you keeping things you really don’t need – in this house, or the next?

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When you feel as though you are going to burst out of your home, remember that it might not be that your house it too small after all. When you feel as though you are going to burst out of your home, remember that it might not be that your house it too small after all.

7 thoughts on “Your House Is Not Too Small”

  1. Everything point you made matches me perfectly, except the garden. I can barely walk thru my 985 sq ft condo for all the reasons you mentioned. I can’t decide what to get rid of. Thanks, will keep this article to reread.

  2. Not being able to decide is a common problem. It’s good to start with the easiest things first – the things have the least emotional attachment. And working on grateful acceptance – of ourselves and our circumstances – can really help. Good luck with your journey!

  3. I recently moved from an apartment to a house (almost double in size) and I have tons of space. my apartment wasn’t really cluttered and over stuffed but I didn’t need to buy extra furniture, I even got rid of a few big pieces, I love the emty space, my house is warm and inviting but still clean and uncluttered. I love it and it’s going to stay this way.
    my point is; even if you are planning to move to a bigger place it doesn’t mean you need extra furniture

  4. I am moving from 1200 sq ft to 350 sq ft.
    The first 2 major purges were easy to Good Shepherd.
    Then there were items l really liked but knew l would need space for essentials.
    So to solve that l had a party and gave them to friends. They were able to steal from each other and it was heart warming to see my items have a good home.

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